Success Story: Bianca du Plessis

Why this works:  My weight loss journey.

I had my baby six years ago and since then I have never seemed to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy.  I tried numerous times to lose weight by “eating right” using my scanty knowledge and silly quick diets.  Although I initially lost some weight, I simply gained it back over time. I didn’t have much to lose, but being short and having to lose 8 kg was a monumental task for me because I simply love food.

Starting the EatRight program I weighed 65kg and lost a total of 8kg, weighing 57kg after thirteen weeks.  I dropped two dress sizes and finally, for the first time in six years, felt comfortable in my body.  This plan worked for me because I lost the weight without having to disrupt my household, it is completely natural, suits my daily routine and I have the power to make nutritional decisions for myself.  EatRight empowered me; I have never felt so in control of my own wellbeing.

I have never participated in any exercise or sport but knowing that with the right mind-set I will succeed, I decided to give jogging a try.  Now I can’t imagine one week going by without having a few long, good runs. Thanks to the EatRight plan it showed me that I am the master of my own body and that it is never too late to change bad habits.

I still love food; I think I love food even more than before but have respect for it now. My view of food as well as my life, changed completely!

This experience inspired me to such an extent that I involved myself in the program and is now an EatRight co-consultant, helping others to also turn their dreams into goals.  It is my absolute passion to see people realise their own potential.  Anyone can change; it is never easy, but oh boy, it is surely worth it!

Bianca du Plessis

EatRight co-consultant