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What are you paying for?

Your 12 week, Eat Right program will include the following:

Nutritional assessment and eating plan, including an extensive food portion booklet.

13 Inbody scans: these are done weekly. Not only do you get weighed, but you receive a comprehensive, detailed breakdown of your body composition regarding muscle-, fat- and water mass. This helps us to pinpoint problem areas and a clear understanding of your body’s weight loss “personality”.

4 sessions with a Registered Eat Right Dietitian
*Dietary assessment and development of meal plan
*Lifestyle changes and dietary education
*Label reading
*Mindful eating

Trinkets and tricks to support mindful eating.

Should you encounter problems or discomfort with the eating plan we will adjust portions and plans if necessary.

Throughout the program the EatRight team will be available to you to answer any questions and give support.

At the end of the program you will receive a stabilizing plan to keep the lost weight under control.

Progress will be monitored on a weekly basis.

Inbody Scan Report Example


2017 Fees:

EatRight 12 week program one-off payment ~ R1 900.00

EatRight 12 week program down payment ~ 3 x R700.00pm = R2 100.00

EatRight Top-up 4 weeks weigh ~ R300.00

*subject to change