Success Story: Leandra

Early 2015 I weighed 101kg and decided enough was enough. I saw Carina for a weight loss plan and gradually over 2 years I lost a total of 27.4 kg, weighing 73.6 kg January 2017.

I was so close to my goal of 60kg I went back to see her at the beginning of 2017 and she suggested her new Eat Right program. Since joining the program I’ve noticed a significant change in my body and even though there were some weeks I didn’t lose total weight, the analysis scans showed me clearly that my body fat mass kept going down. This was the encouragement I needed to stick to the program.

The program made me understand that losing weight is absolutely a lifestyle change and no quick diet will do what this type of change does.

Watch this space, I am nearing my goal and I feel better than ever.