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EatRight 4 your Company


Wellness and weight management within a work environment is somewhat different to that in a personal capacity. Although the focus in a corporate environment is driven by productivity and employee morale, in a personnel capacity the focus is on self-preservation and heath. We believe that both can be achieved through the Eat Right program.

There is an added benefit that through the culture within an organisation, the team can assist in the motivation and achieving of goals. Further, through group sessions many common concerns and stumbling blocks can be addresses effectively.

Eat Right can be tailored to suit most employee and corporate wellness requirements. Please contact the Gauteng team to enquire about pricing and availability.

We also provide the following services:

Employee Risk assessments:

Measurements of weight, height, body mass index, body fat mass, muscle mass, body water and visceral fat by means of a body analysis scan.  Cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure will be assessed by a registered nurse and immediate dietary advice can be provided by the registered dietitian.

Wellness day stand:

We offer a stand with resources and material to support employees with current nutrition challenges. Body analysis scans and explanation of report

Demonstrations and nutrition talks:

Talks on relevant topics are very popular. Demonstrations are also a interactive way to involve employees.

DNAlysis dietary management:

DNA testing to establish the optimal dietary approach for health and weight management. See other products.